Post Fruit Cleanse Update

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Yesterday was my fifth and final day of the fruit cleanse. I finished it off with a 75-minute hot power yoga practice. I wasn’t expecting to have problems during the yoga class because I practiced on days 1 and 3 with no issues at all. It was a very intense practice and I had to stop and rest a couple times because I was getting very light-headed. I pushed through it and I’m very glad that I did. However, things got a little interesting at the end. After completing the practice I stood up to leave and had to immediately take a knee three times before I even got out of the classroom. When I got out the classroom I got dizzy again and needed to sit down one more time. But I survived to live another day and I am very happy that I did the fruit cleanse.  For the record, I weighed my yoga clothes when I got home and they absorbed 2.6 lbs of water/sweat in that class.

Going forward, I plan on eating fruit as a meal at least once per day and doing a 3 to 5 day fruit cleanse once per month. I find myself craving fruit now and this is a much welcomed change.

I’m down to 222 lbs now! That is a total loss of 16.8 lbs which means I am 33% of the way to my goal of losing 50 lbs. This makes me very happy.

Fruit cleanse day 5: The fifth and final day

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I feel great and I’m looking forward to eating lots of fruit today. When you’re on a fruit cleanse you experience strange impulses. On the evening of Day Three I was in Wegman’s and a package of glazed donut holes caught my eye as I was walking past it. I nearly ripped open the package and started shoving those tasty morsels into my face right there in the aisle. Donuts are not even a part of my normal diet!

I’ve been trying to decide what my first non-fruit-cleanse meal should be. Any ideas?

Fruit Cleanse Day 3 – Still going strong and grateful for the fruit I eat

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I’m on day three now and feeling great! I’m sleeping better and physically I feel very light and healthy. I’ve not had a lot of the cravings that other people on the cleanse are having. I think it is because I have done a real good job of keeping lots of fruit within reach so I never get to the point that I’m dying to eat something. I am considering staying on the fast for another one or two days after today. I don’t find giving up certain foods for 3-5 days out of my entire life that big of a deal. It has made me realize how spoiled we are. There are millions and millions of people all over the world with very little food to eat or very few options. Many of those people would jump at the chance to eat fruit all day long. We get upset and stressed out when we can’t have a cheeseburger, or chips, or pizza, or soda or have to step out of our daily patterns, our comfort zones, for just three days. It is no wonder we are an obese nation and it is no wonder that I myself gained way too much weight.

Today I am grateful for living in a grossly abundant society and I will do my best to stay humble and think of the less fortunate people around the world while I eat the fruits of our society.

Fruit Cleanse and Health Update

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Today is day 24 of the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program at Blackbird Studio.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am participating in this program. This week, program participants are  doing a fruit cleanse. This cleanse means eating nothing but fruit for a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days. No caffeine, no alcohol, no meat, no dairy, no veggies, no sugar, no fun . I’m definitely looking forward to this and I’m not too worried about giving up some foods for a few days. I’ve mostly given up meat already and I use soy milk and almond milk rather than dairy milk. I think  the most difficult part will be having enough fruit available so that I don’t get really hungry and break the fast with something I shouldn’t be eating.

Both, Ariana and I,  have started the fast today.  I ate an orange for breakfast and for lunch I had a handful of olives and a bowl of guacamole made by Ariana. The guacamole was made of avocados, lime juice, a little salt, chunks of tomato, and olives.  It was delicious! I’m eating two clementines while writing this post.

I’ve been watching what I’m eating and doing a ton of yoga.  It is really paying off now. I’m down to 226.8 lbs which means I’ve lost a total of 12 lbs since, 10/14/12. I expect that I’ll be under 220 lbs when I complete the fruit cleanse.

The best news I’ve had in a long time came when I tested my blood pressure this morning. I was 159/99. This is Stage 1 Hypertension and still needs to come down a lot. The good news is that four months ago when I started this blog I was at Stage 3 Hypertension Crisis. Sweet!!

I guess that’s it for now. A pretty straightforward blog post with plenty of good news.

Progress and Revolution

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It has been way too long since I’ve posted. There will now be regular updates as I’ve also returned to regular exercise and  better eating habits. The return to a regular Hot Power Yoga practice has really helped me focus on what is important to me.

I feel GREAT!! This morning I weighed in a 229.8 pounds. I’ve broken the 230 lb mark and there is no looking back, unless of course you’re looking at the time lapse photos on this webpage. I’m surprised that I’ve not lost more weight because my physical appearance had changed and my clothes have become much more loose then they were a month ago.  In the past, this has meant that I’m due for a quick loss of five pounds. Typically, weight loss comes in spurts for me. First, my clothes will become more loose, I’ll see the weight loss in my appearance, I’ll feel it in how I move my body, and there will be little change in weight. Second, I’ll see about five pound come off the scale over about a week.  Then it starts over again. I’m looking forward to it and I’m also looking forward to 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

I’ve signed up for Blackbird Studio’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution, based upon Barron Baptiste’s program of the same name and taught by Baptiste instructors. Here’s how Blackbird describes the program:

40 Days to Personal Revolution developed by Baron Baptiste is a program designed for transformation and personal growth. The program supports a daily practice of meditation, yoga (one day off a week), and internal awareness. Reward yourself with a strong toned healthy body, personal growth and a greater sense of personal insight. Meet your goals this time because you have the support of others. You commit to practice 6 times a week, meditate, focus on your diet, read the book, journal and attend some group meetings.

I realize this is a shameless plug for Blackbird Studio. I do it because I believe in what they do 100%. If you’re looking for some change in your life I highly recommend that you join this program with me. The more the merrier and I’d love to give and receive support with you. The program starts tomorrow and there is an introductory meeting tonight at 7:30pm.


I survived the holidays!

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The holidays are over and I’ve managed to do only a little bit of damage. On the 15th of December I had lost a total of 10.6 lbs so I was down to 228.2 lbs.  Through my birthday, December 17, Christmas and NYE I gained just 3.6 lbs. I must have eaten 10 lbs of cheese, 8 lbs of chocolate, and 100 Swedish meatballs. The weight gain really could have been much worse. I am now at 231.8 lbs.

I am back on track with both my diet and my exercising. I’m back to eating a lot of fruit and staying away from take-out. I’ve also starting going on long power walks again. I’ve had to walk rather than run because I wrecked my knee in the mosh pit at a Bone Jar/Ire Clad show last year. Moshing is a lot of fun but at 42 years old it takes a lot longer to recover. The knee feels strong enough to run today for the first time in probably seven months. I’ll probably just run a half mile and see how the knee feels tomorrow.

I participated in a great hot power yoga class Monday night at Blackbird Studio. I hadn’t been there in a while so it was nice to get sweaty again and flush out some of those holiday-related toxins, like Swedish meatballs.

A special thanks to Cassie Jenis for calling me out and getting me to start blogging again. :-)

Anybody starting new fitness plans this month? What is your goal? What is your plan?

Post Thanksgiving Check-in

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Miraculously, I gained just 1 lb between my weigh-in on 11/21/12 and this morning, 11/24/12. What’s more amazing is I didn’t exercise once and I must have eaten a total of eight pieces of pie on Thanksgiving and the next day. I think what made a big difference is I baked salmon rather than a turkey and I made vegan mushroom gravy and vegan roasted garlic mashed potatoes. No stuffing. This means, apart from  the pies, there were no super fatty foods. The salmon was so delicious that nobody missed having a turkey. I was very concerned about how the vegan mushroom gravy and the vegan roasted garlic mashed potatoes would taste. I gotta tell ya…that was one of the best, if not the best, mashed potatoes and gravy I’ve ever tasted. I HIGHLY recommend that you make both the salmon and the mashed potatoes sometime soon. All three are very simple to make.  Here are the recipes:

Baked Salmon

Vegan Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Vegan Mushroom Gravy

There were several other healthy creations made by our guests as well as the dishes that I made. It was really nice to have a big meal that was both very delicious and very healthy. I’m looking forward to doing it again for Christmas.

Change is good.

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Sweet! I’ve lost 1.4 lbs since my last post a week ago. Last week I had a minor setback so I was very happy to see that not only am I back on track but I am lighter now than I’ve been in probably a year. There have been some changes that have helped in this latest progress. Over the last week I probably didn’t exercise as much as I wanted to and looking back I see some changes in what I’m eating. I didn’t eat any sweets at all and I’ve avoided the soy chai lattes that I like so much.  Instead of the soy chai lattes I’ve been drinking green teas and black teas. Another change is the shake that I’ve been making for breakfast was 540 calories and 46 grams of protein, which is just way too much. The new version of the shake is 280 calories and 17 grams of protein. I don’t feel like I’m eating as much as I was before either which is easy to say the day before the holiday season starts.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and this can present some challenges for a guy trying to shed a few pounds. Fortunately, the guests that we’ve invited to our pot-luck Thanksgiving are health-conscious eaters and I don’t expect to see any fatty foods here. I plan an going for a walk and lifting weights in the morning to offset the noshing that will go on for the remainder of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Focus and Determination

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I weighed-in at 233.o today. The good news is I only gained about half of a pound since my last weigh-in on 11/6/13. There really isn’t any bad news and it seems that I’ve reached a plateau in my progress. I didn’t follow my plan as well as I could have since my last weigh-in so I’m not ready to change the plan yet. I need to recommit myself to the plan and then look at the results in two weeks.

I may not have lost more weight but I feel great. My clothes fit better and my shirts no longer cling to lumpy areas. I am also much stronger. When I am exercising I feel much more powerful and I am also more agile.

I believe this will be a good test of my focus and determination. I can, I will, I must.

Stress, lack of sleep, and weight gain.

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It is amazing what stress and lack of sleep can do to your health. I’ve been very stressed about meeting a few deadlines over the last two days and I managed about 4 hours of sleep each night. Despite exercising and eating healthy food both days I gained 2.5 pounds.

Lesson learned: over-committing is bad for your health.

Anyone else experience this?