Fruit cleanse day 5: The fifth and final day

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I feel great and I’m looking forward to eating lots of fruit today. When you’re on a fruit cleanse you experience strange impulses. On the evening of Day Three I was in Wegman’s and a package of glazed donut holes caught my eye as I was walking past it. I nearly ripped open the package and started shoving those tasty morsels into my face right there in the aisle. Donuts are not even a part of my normal diet!

I’ve been trying to decide what my first non-fruit-cleanse meal should be. Any ideas?


  1. David Morrison says:

    A veggie omelet!

  2. Ed Moscato says:

    Well – I’ll be nice :) Yesterday I had some really good vegan spanish rice and a veggie masala dish at Greenstar. Go there and have something from the hot bar. But you must NOT go to any un-named eating establishments in Fall Creek…..

    • Jeff Ellis says:

      We should hit the un-named eating establishment for breakfast soon now that I’m off the fruit cleanse.

  3. sarah langlais says:

    Remove almost all of the bread, grain, and milk from your diet and the weight will fall off. :)

    • Jeff Ellis says:

      I am close to that now. I don’t drink milk and have bread once or twice per week. I so eat some rice and rice pasta though. That’s good advice, Sarah, thanks.

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