I survived the holidays!

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The holidays are over and I’ve managed to do only a little bit of damage. On the 15th of December I had lost a total of 10.6 lbs so I was down to 228.2 lbs.  Through my birthday, December 17, Christmas and NYE I gained just 3.6 lbs. I must have eaten 10 lbs of cheese, 8 lbs of chocolate, and 100 Swedish meatballs. The weight gain really could have been much worse. I am now at 231.8 lbs.

I am back on track with both my diet and my exercising. I’m back to eating a lot of fruit and staying away from take-out. I’ve also starting going on long power walks again. I’ve had to walk rather than run because I wrecked my knee in the mosh pit at a Bone Jar/Ire Clad show last year. Moshing is a lot of fun but at 42 years old it takes a lot longer to recover. The knee feels strong enough to run today for the first time in probably seven months. I’ll probably just run a half mile and see how the knee feels tomorrow.

I participated in a great hot power yoga class Monday night at Blackbird Studio. I hadn’t been there in a while so it was nice to get sweaty again and flush out some of those holiday-related toxins, like Swedish meatballs.

A special thanks to Cassie Jenis for calling me out and getting me to start blogging again. :-)

Anybody starting new fitness plans this month? What is your goal? What is your plan?

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