Progress and Revolution

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It has been way too long since I’ve posted. There will now be regular updates as I’ve also returned to regular exercise and  better eating habits. The return to a regular Hot Power Yoga practice has really helped me focus on what is important to me.

I feel GREAT!! This morning I weighed in a 229.8 pounds. I’ve broken the 230 lb mark and there is no looking back, unless of course you’re looking at the time lapse photos on this webpage. I’m surprised that I’ve not lost more weight because my physical appearance had changed and my clothes have become much more loose then they were a month ago.  In the past, this has meant that I’m due for a quick loss of five pounds. Typically, weight loss comes in spurts for me. First, my clothes will become more loose, I’ll see the weight loss in my appearance, I’ll feel it in how I move my body, and there will be little change in weight. Second, I’ll see about five pound come off the scale over about a week.  Then it starts over again. I’m looking forward to it and I’m also looking forward to 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

I’ve signed up for Blackbird Studio’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution, based upon Barron Baptiste’s program of the same name and taught by Baptiste instructors. Here’s how Blackbird describes the program:

40 Days to Personal Revolution developed by Baron Baptiste is a program designed for transformation and personal growth. The program supports a daily practice of meditation, yoga (one day off a week), and internal awareness. Reward yourself with a strong toned healthy body, personal growth and a greater sense of personal insight. Meet your goals this time because you have the support of others. You commit to practice 6 times a week, meditate, focus on your diet, read the book, journal and attend some group meetings.

I realize this is a shameless plug for Blackbird Studio. I do it because I believe in what they do 100%. If you’re looking for some change in your life I highly recommend that you join this program with me. The more the merrier and I’d love to give and receive support with you. The program starts tomorrow and there is an introductory meeting tonight at 7:30pm.


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