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My Weight Loss Plan

First and most importantly, no more chocolate chip cookies! I love the chocolate chip cookies at Dolce Delight, if  you must try them soon. I, however, may not eat them again for many weeks.

The simple plan consists of three concepts:

  1. Exercising more
  2. Eating healthier food
  3. Eating less

I plan to exercise six days per week and have one rest day per week. I will be practicing Hot Power Yoga three times per week at Blackbird Studio. I will do two workouts at home per week using one of three Budokon DVDs. One day per week I will go for a five mile walk followed by weightlifting at home. One day per week I will have a rest day. I am recovering from a knee injury and I don’t think that I should run yet. I may attempt running again in a few weeks.

Eating healthier will consist of removing all chocolate chips cookies, as I stated above, and I have already added more fruit to my diet to replace late night cravings. I will also have an orange or a apple mid-day to keep me from wanting those evil, yet delicious, chocolate chip cookies. I’ve also replace morning trips to diners with a raw food shake mix that I’ve created using several different shake mixes. I’ll discuss the shake more in a future post. I stopped drinking coffee and now drink teas. I’ve also stopped drinking dairy milk and replaced it with almond milk. I still eat cheese and butter but in limited amounts. I eat meat or eggs about once per week and have been doing that for a year now. It didn’t cut back on meat to lose weight. I cut back mostly because it makes me healthier. There were also ethical, environmental, and socio-economic reasons for cutting back.

To reduce the amount of food I eat I will have a glass of water before eating and I will eat one normal-sized portion an wait ten minutes to see if I’m still hungry before getting a second portion. If I want a second portion I will have some fruit rather than more the main course. When dinning out I will avoid appetizers and opt for just an entree.

I am certain that this will be exactly what I need to lose fifty pounds. Now that I have a plan it is time to take action. I hope that you will come along with me on my journey and I hope that some of you may be inspired to start your own journeys to better health. If you do become inspired, please talk to me about your experiences by commenting on this blog, commenting on my Facebook page, sending me an email or sharing with friends.